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A new year has begun and at Bayswater Chiropractic we are excited about what 2018 has in store. With Bayswater Health the centre has a new website and new signage. Bayswater Chiropractic however is still the same, located at 625 Mountain Hwy, Bayswater, serving the Knox community with family chiropractors Drs Mark and Shaun Beovich.

This time of year many people reassess their health and that’s a good thing. Can we suggest that you make your spinal health a priority this year. Your spine protects your spinal cord which comes from your brain with millions of messages every second going up and down your spinal cord and exiting through spinal nerves to all parts of your body. A nervous system free from interference is essential for good health. And as your spine encases your spinal cord and allows nerves to exit through it, it’s important that your spine is functioning well without any locking or subluxations.

So what can you do this year to make spinal health a priority? 3 tips today:

  1. Get moving! Your spine loves movement. We are sitting so much these days at home and work, tied to computers and Tv. Sitting is the new smoking and apart from increasing overall health risks it’s detrimental to your spinal health also. Make it a goal this year to walk everyday. A dedicated walk at the start of the day, at lunch or night plus make it a habit to move more throughout the day…walk to the printer, use the stairs instead of the lift or park a little further away.
  2. Check your posture! With so much screen time we seem to be in a permanent position of being hunched forward. Tech neck or forward head posture increases the strain on your neck and may lead to increased neck pain, headaches and shoulder discomfort. It’s also may lead to digital dementia. Aim to look up more often through the day. Bring your shoulders back and tuck your chin in. Bring devices up to eye level.
  3. Get your spine checked! Regular chiropractic adjustments may help to keep your spine functioning well thus decreasing irritation to spinal nerves and helping to relax muscles around your spine. With 50 years of combined experience, Bayswater Chiropractic chiropractors Drs mark and Shaun Beovich can help you make your spinal health a priority this year. Book online at or phone 97207811.



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