How over utilization of technology results in brain dysfunction and cognitive decline.

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Digital Dementia is a modem day health epidemic resulting in a sensory mismatch in the brain from over utilization of technology and excessive slouched sitting posture. Adolescents with Digital Dementia demonstrate a decline in cognition and short-term memory loss, symptoms associated with dementia. Your children may be at risk for developing Digital Dementia if they spend hours per day seated in front of technologic devices with poor posture and little movement.

About Digital Dementia:

Signs and symptoms of Digital Dementia include: slouched posture, developmental delays, short-term memory loss, social seclusion, lack of motivation, anxiety, depression, anger, balance disorders, and uncoordinated movement patterns.

How does Digital Dementia develop? When children spend an excessive amount of time on their devices with poor posture a sensory disassociation occurs where the back of the brain is over active, but the frontal aspect of the brain is under active.

The occipital lobe in the back of the brain processes visual signals such as visual cues from a video game, social media, or TV program. While seated and engaged with technology, the front part of the brain including the frontal and parietal lobes, are under-stimulated. These regions of the brain are responsible for higher order thinking and good behaviors such as motivation, goal setting, reading, writing, memory, and socially appropriate behaviors.

These areas of the brain are also responsible for movement and body position sense.

Posture is declining at the speed of technology and modem day children are suffering from ill health effects and a decline in cognition. Your brain is changing due to technology. Learn how to prevent and overcome Digital Dementia with Posture Tech Tips. How you engage with technology can change your life.

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